Shannon Leo, Property Owner – Sherman Oaks, CA

— Shannon Leo, Property Owner – Sherman Oaks, CA

When I happened upon Edgar Macias and Casa Realty & Investments and it was honestly a life-changer!

I owned a home in Sherman Oaks, CA and had relocated to NYC, and was managing my property from across the country.  I was in the process of transitioning between tenants and was not sure whether to sell my property or continue renting it.

After emailing, talking and meeting Edgar, I decided to hire Edgar to manage the property based on his extensive property management background and his very reasonable rates.  Edgar quickly found me a tenant to pay premium rent.  Edgar managed all aspects of the process from the open house process, screening potential tenants, move-in inspection and creating a rock-solid lease.  Having someone local to manage my property was such a relief for me and took a tremendous amount of stress of my plate.  Edgar dealt with all of the tenant issues – both big and small – while keeping me in the loop wherever necessary. Edgar is extremely attentive and responds to questions, concerns and emails promptly.

When a year had gone by with the rental, I consulted Edgar about selling my home.  After building a relationship with Edgar throughout the year, he was now very familiar with the house and he agreed to sell my house.  Having a property manager who is also a broker was a huge bonus;  I was able to have someone I already know and trust spearhead something as important as selling my house while I was out of state.

I wanted to put the house up for sale while still tenant.  This obviously presented a few challenges, but Edgar navigated his way through this with his calm demeanor and professionalism, serving as a liaison between myself and the tenant.

Edgar came up with a marketing and sales strategy for selling the house which paid off.  At our first open house, while still tenant occupied, we had a flurry of interest from buyers.  We listed the house on the 1st of the month, and the house was closed, checks in hand, by the 30th!  I never had to come back to California.

Based on my experience with Edgar, I would highly recommend him as a property manager & broker…and as someone who will customize his services based on your needs…and deliver!