Clark McCown, Property OwnerLos Angeles (The Valley), CA

25 Nov Clark McCown, Property OwnerLos Angeles (The Valley), CA

Casa Realty & Investments, Inc. has done such an amazing job with my property. Here is one example of their work: The current Tenants requested an extra parking space when moving in. I told CRI, Inc. that request is impossible and I can’t get an extra parking place at my current home, their request is not possible. CRI, Inc. was unstoppable. He called the condo management company, requested the space and got it. The tenants were happy and I was amazed. CRI, Inc. finds solutions with ease.

CRI, Inc. is so professional in our interactions and prompt in their response. Before I acquired their service, I had so much stress related to my property. Now…I don’t worry. The rent is on time and no more phone calls…Thank you Casa Realty & Investments, Inc.