CRI Leasing Services

We specialize in leasing services for residential and commercial properties of all types. Whether you own and want to lease a single family home, condominium, apartment, town-home, commercial store, commercial office, or any other type of property, we are the company to help you.

Consider these facts about our residential and commercial leasing services:

• We have extensive experience and a strong track record of screening and selecting quality tenants.

• We work hard to help you obtain maximum rent for your property.

• We are a leader in the use of internet and online advertising to generate a lot of activity to lease your property in a timely matter.

• We are specialists in negotiating win-win terms, writing leases and all associated documentation.

Our fee for leasing is 60% of one month’s rent for a residential property. We are always open to discussing a reduced fee on a case by case basis. For this fee we will:

• Not charge you anything until we lease the property.

• Advertise your property on a multitude of internet sites. We are a leader when it comes to internet marketing.

• Pre-screen prospective tenants and make appointments to show the property.

• Screen any tenant who applies for the property (credit and background check, employment verification, income verification, Landlord reference, prior residences, etc.)

• Make a recommendation to you on whether to accept or decline the applicants.

• Write a strong, yet fair, lease and disclosures that is legally compliant.